Miss J. Foley – Harrogate

Miss J. Foley – Harrogate

Harwin Bosworth has been my financial adviser for over 13 years. He set up a personal portfolio with money I had available for investment in 2010. This portfolio has consistently increased in value and performed above the benchmark annually. I’ve been shown independent data supporting this. However, I am made aware of possible fluctuations in market values.

Mr Bosworth visits me each year to discuss all aspects of my investments including my required level of risk. He checks details of my current income and expenditure and gives advice if necessary.  He explains with patience any queries I have about correspondence I have received from the investment companies regarding changes they make to individual funds, any questions I may have on fees and commission or any general concerns regarding financial matters.

I receive a comprehensive written report confirming details of our meeting and a full valuation of all my investments, assets and estate.

I am treated with kindness and respect by Mr Bosworth who has a calm, gentle and confident persona.

I am very satisfied with his advice and I’m certain I couldn’t find a more competent and genuine Financial Adviser and would recommend him without any hesitation at all to anyone wanting efficient, professional and honest financial advice.