Maurice Lupton – Harrogate

Maurice Lupton – Harrogate

My acquaintance with professional financial advice began only upon my retirement – an early retirement – with its attendant need to ensure a sound and safe way of providing for my future. The first two advisers with whom I had dealings with were followed, upon their departures from my chosen firm, by Harwin Bosworth, whom I have now known for longer than his two predecessors.

For some time Harwin worked with this well known Harrogate firm, introducing himself and demonstrating his commitment to me and alas to my sister’s interests in assessing our financial attitudes by profiling tests, recommending some modifications to our investments while ensuring our understanding of the reasons for the changes with a full explanation as we asked.

When the said firm altered the direction of the business away from the direction Harwin hoped to follow, he sought a connection elsewhere, determined with steadfast resolve to remain in the field of giving financial advice to individual clients; always generous with his time, no question raised by us left unanswered, and our meetings followed by full reports, not omitting supplementary details and points of information.

This concern for me and my sister’s overall financial position at our later stage in life has extended to consider in-depth recommendations on inheritance tax planning, and in this matter, he helped me particularly when a well-known firm of national stature made a serious error of omission which was duly and apologetically corrected.

His expertise extends further to assist with attention to long-term care insurance, so welcome to people in the advanced age group; moreover he gives us every indication of willingness to continue to advise and plan for us as far into the future as we can see.